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Contains my comic shorts and links to larger comics.

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A hub for larger projects.

Like illustration series', showcases, longer comics, subsites, and things that don't quite fit on other parts of this site.

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Year Archives


I'll hold off on any blurbs 'till the end of the year (don't want to jinx things, yunno?).

So for now, presenting: 2024's art!


2023 was an odd year for me. It had a lot of high moments, a lot of firsts. But it was also a very tough year for me and the start of a huge transitional point in my life.

I did continue comics, and started breaking into tabling and the 'career' part of my art despite it all. I think that's what matters, that I can keep my head afloat.


2022 is when I started rethinking how I want to do art going forward. I did focus a lot harder on drawing comics, scenes, and backgrounds. But I also started learning my limits & boundries in regards to illustration.


Artwise 2021 was a weird, experimental year (not that I don't try to experiment, just that looking back this year was more experimental than usual). I bounced between digital, traditional, and tra-digital a lot.


2020 was the year I got back into comics and started getting interested in zine-making. It's also the first time I applied and got into a few zines! Most of my art this year were more sketch-y & less polished though for the sake of keeping it easy on myself


I'm not sure how to describe 2019? Because it was intensive because of AP studio, experimental because of bouncing between traditional & digital? Looking back I honestly don't think I had a direction, I was just making whatever to figure out what I want to do.

Below are archives of older artworks from when I was a teenager. Not representative of my current work of course, but an interesting peek into where I started.


You know on one hand I seem to have drawn a lot more in highschool than now but on the other hand I got to remind myself the art I post doesn't even account for studies, sketches, other obligations, & the fact the art I do nowadays takes more time (scenes & comic stuff)


Similar feelings to 2018; drew a lot more but also I drew stuff that didn't take as long. Also helped that my main fandoms this year featured simple-shaped characters so lots of faster art.


I'll make a serious description later. Lots of art, failed comic, LPStube and Animal Jam stuff


The oldest collection of artworks of mine. Hell, there's a few here that predate me going under 'Jade Everstone' online.
This gallery compared to my more modern stuff really does show off how far I've gotten art-wise.

Misc. Galleries

Misc. Non-project pages

custom toy archive thumbnail

Custom Toy Archive

A huge part of my art journey that's fallen to the wayside in the past few years.

A collection of my customized LPS, MLP figures, and more from my LPStube & Art toy days.

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The Labs

An odd place for the unsorted and/or "experimental" pages of the site...

(admittedly, I'm not sure where to link this yet, so it'll be under here until further updates. I guess the justification is since this is the 'random fun-page' part of the site they're technically art pieces right?)

gore art gallery thumbnail

Gore Artwork

This page contains gore artwork & heavier depictions of blood.
Viewer discretion is advised

While the vast majority of it is heavily stylized and/or candy gore, with the main galleries having no filtering system I think it's for the best the more intense stuff gets their own page.