Incidental Porridge (2023)

Contribution to GOOD EATS - an OC zine.

In which Jade and Iri salvage a pot of rice with too much water added and make it into a proper bowl of rice porridge.

A few fun facts about this one; this is based off something that happened in my dorm senior year of college, where our rice cooker started smoking & we had to salvage the pot somehow. Though the irl version was a lot less planned out & had way less than what Jade & Iri had on hand. The version Jade came up with is based on Khmer-style borbor!

The School Mystery (2022)

Calmest Pre-Blizzard Shopping Trip in New England (2022)

Source: This happens every time snow's even slightly hinted at

How to drive to Work (in the event of a mech Battle) (2023)

In the year 31XX, you may encounter a mech battle on your way to work, might be a way around it though…

The original idea was actually "How to drive in Massachusetts" (based on the nightmare that is driving in Massachusetts), until me and my roomates started joking how I can make it even more goofy. So, giant robots got involved.

A "Cereal" Debate (2022)

Fun fact when I presented this in class my comics professor said Risa was very punchable lol.

#MORBIUS SWEEP!!! (2022)

this is certainly a comic about the movie ever made

Windows XP 20th (2021)

Good old Bliss

Windows Vista 15th (2022)

Sequel to a comic about Windows XP I made the previous year. Seems people are warming up to it... well, after years of making fun of it's instability...

November 1st (2021)

"Thanksgiving? Other holidays? What are those? Also they missed Halloween" - some in-universe store CEO, probably

Snack Snatching (2021)

A breif test comic. In which Jpeg and Risa are impatient getting snacks at a party, and they grab something that very much isn't one.

Xander Revolution (concept, 2023)

Concept for a fandom-inspired story; Xander, a dedicated arcade goer gets wrapped in a battle that decides the fate of the local arcade. He wins, the place stays. He looses, the place gets bought out.

If this were a longer series, I'd imagine it'd stay between 5 issues long and Xander throughout it would have a character arc about getting more humble / less standoffish in the hobby. Where in his first appearence he would be cocky, elitist, probably that guy that hogs a cab when there's a que & by the end he realises he shouldn't be defending the arcade for himself, but for others as well.

If you're out of the loop, modifying public cabs is a very controversial topic in the rhythm game community.
Baby powder is one of the most controversial, as it not only risks damaging hardware if the pads are loose, but the lack of friction could cause tripping hazards for players stepping on w/o expecting it.

Spotting an Ouroboros (2023)

Concept for a theoretical 'reboot' done for one of my illustration classes. The story we were rebooting was about a group of teen paranormal investigators, and my idea was having the reboot be a sequel following them getting together as adults once again for another mystery.

Main character design line-up.

Acid (2022)

An android investigates an abandoned village and pieces together what happened there...



Webseries, ongoing

After Jade and Iri's computer breaks, the two of them rush to the store to find a new one. The one they roll with? It's a tad bit off...

Available to read on ComicFury and Tapas!

9:15 Slushie

2023, comic

Five nights, one week, one slushie machine

A few shorts about the experience of going to the convenience store at night.

Available on!

The Creative Misadventures of Jpeg

(2022) mini-comic

Meet Jpeg, your local up-and-coming music producer! What genre do they specialize in? They’re still figuring that out... alongside their first track for that matter.

Also on!

Rocket's First Mission

(2020) mini-comic

Rocket, a robot made to take on her city's monster problem, faces her first mission! She's nervous about it, even with her mentor Cordlass helping. All she needs now is a little bit of faith in herself...

Spines - An Unfinished Story

(2020) Comic

A short comic that never got finished, following two friends as a strange phenomena threatens to keep them apart