I won't beat y'all over the head with more "2020 bad" stuff, this year wasn't that great for me ontop of that. Though I'll give 2020 one thing, it's the year I got back into comics and started getting interested in zine-making. It's also the first time I applied and got into a few zines! Most of my art this year were more sketch-y less polished though for the sake of keeping it easy on myself


Rocket's First Mission

(2020) mini-comic

Rocket, a robot made to take on her city's monster problem, faces her first mission! She's nervous about it, even with her mentor Cordlass helping. All she needs now is a little bit of faith in herself...

Spines - An Unfinished Story

(2020) Comic

A short comic that never got finished, following two friends as a strange phenomena threatens to keep them apart

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