Similar feelings to 2018; drew a lot more but also I drew stuff that didn't take as long. Also helped that my main fandoms this year featured simple-shaped characters so lots of faster art.

That being said, given how huge this gallery is, if you're on a slower internet connection or older device... sorry for the wait :(

Comic Shorts

Comic shorts? pre-going full throttle into comics? A rarity indeed.

Tbh these are more so extremely short joke things but I guess I'll section them off for extra text & such

Protogent-pon (2017)

Based off that one antivirus ad:

(The Protogent AD)

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She scream (2017)

Based off that one Vine:

(Screaming Frog Vine)

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unreleased works preview

2017 unreleased works

(2017) zine

A collection of scraps, etc. that didn't get posted during 2017. I compiled it into a digital zine as some sort-of 'digital sketchbook' for people to flip through.

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