Artwise 2021 was a weird, experimental year (not that I don't try to experiment, just that looking back this year was more experimental than usual). I bounced between digital, traditional, and tra-digital a lot. Stylewise I'm pretty consistent here, but polish and medium? It's all over the place. I don't think it's a bad thing though, I think I learned a lot from it.

Comic Shorts

Windows XP 20th (2021)

Good old Bliss

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November 1st (2021)

"Thanksgiving? Other holidays? What are those? Also they missed Halloween" - some in-universe store CEO, probably

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Snack Snatching (2021)

A breif test comic. In which Jpeg and Risa are impatient getting snacks at a party, and they grab something that very much isn't one.

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Misc. Works

Average Art Store Trip

(2021) Storyboards

Jade & Prisma try to shop for art supplies, only to find out everything's out of stock. And it seems one person might be behind all of it.

The Big One

(2021) Storyboards

Jade rides a large rollercoaster. Despite being terrified of them, Iri joins her because she'd feel bad if her partner went alone.

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