PC-Mania logo A very normal trip to buy a computer
A very normal trip to buy a computer

Webseries, ongoing

After Jade and Iri's computer breaks, the two of them rush to the store to find a new one. The one they roll with? It's a tad bit off...

You can keep up with their adventure over on:

(Comic Fury updates first, Tapas updates a week later)

Note (as of 10/25/23): This project is currently on hiatus (but is still being worked on). Long-story short, transitioning into post-college life & art practices had been particularly rough & as a result, PC-Mania's progress has slowed down to a crawl & It's time I call it for what it is: a hiatus. So the monthly release schedule I was going to use is being swapped out for a "it's done when it's ready" format. That being said if you want to know when the next part will be dropped, I recommend subscribing to the comics where they're hosted, or keeping up with me on my socials (note: even though i'm going for a 'no schedule' release format, Tapas will still get a delayed update)