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Welp, it's that time of year again.

I still have things I want/need to post so I'll update this when I have them up/link them


Damn I really did neglect this character... kinda sad because Princess Viva as a character & concept? kinda cool imo. I'll the idea around though

Febuary - (sketches)

So, apparently I didn't draw much this month... whoops. I put this sketch in anyways just so I don't have 2 blank squares & hey it's kinda cute

March - Zukin Party!

This is a piece for a BEMANI zine I was a part of. Forgot to post when after the zine released whoops (but to be fair, a lot of the organization was on twitter & I was on hiatus there at the time, so it slipped my mind to post it elsewhere)

2023 Note: The piece was posted a few days after the summary of art was originally uploaded


tl:dr, Monster Hunter event armor had roses, the jacket art for egoisim 440 had a rose, meshed them together. Also looking at it now the roses look more like carnations whoops

May - Arcades do be like that

Based off a short story I wrote (which itself was based on a iidx song). I want to do more scenes/pics like this at some point

June - (no art)

Took a hiatus this month

July - PoV: Mimi causes the 3rd impact

I watched Evangellion for the first time. I bet this scene's already been parodied by someone in the pop'n fandom before but yunno, I had to do it

August - Rocket's First Mission! (comic)

Got back into comics and dip pens & this was my first time making a traditional comic! Was a fun project

September - the flowing time, for coward me

Whoooo that's a massive style break / not how I usually draw MH!Prisma. I watched Kaiba, very underrated anime and wanted to try a rounded style like it

October - Iri's Ref (NOT ARCHIVED)

The old ref's 3 years old by now so it's about time I made a new one. Held off on posting it & the updated refs. for Jade and Prisma because I want to do 2 more refs (MH!Prisma and DEVIL10) and post them all at the same time.

Note: The piece was posted a few days after the summary of art was originally uploaded

November - hope u doin well

looser drawing done during classes, finished it up. don't have a comment outside of pink rabbat go brr

December - de-dup-i-dip-i call my name

tfw you make a fursona based off a creature from a game that isn't out yet. Seriously though I'm hella hyped for MH Rise & Somnacanth's my favorite new monster design so far (and yes the title's a reference to mermaid girl lol)

I'm not gonna beat a dead horse with more '2020 bad' jokes, it's been a bad year for me and I'm tired of them. So I'm just gonna jump to talking about art, I feel like I improved with line-weight and being able to do more detail, but my art's gotten pretty sloppy. Part of it is because most of the art I did this year is personal and I didn't want to fuss-over tidiness. But I can't tell if it's a good thing or not.

Decided against doing resolutions, this year & 2019's all flopped but if I had to pick something, I guess drawing more scenes and maybe a short comic.