A hub for larger projects.

Like illustration series', showcases, longer comics, subsites, and things that don't quite fit on other parts of this site.

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Wip / Tba



Webseries, ongoing

After Jade and Iri's computer breaks, the two of them rush to the store to find a new one. The one they roll with? It's a tad bit off...

Available to read on ComicFury and Tapas!

9:15 Slushie

2023, comic

Five nights, one week, one slushie machine

A few shorts about the experience of going to the convenience store at night.

Available on!

The Creative Misadventures of Jpeg

(2022) mini-comic

Meet Jpeg, your local up-and-coming music producer! What genre do they specialize in? They’re still figuring that out... alongside their first track for that matter.

Available on!

Rocket's First Mission

(2020) mini-comic

Rocket, a robot made to take on her city's monster problem, faces her first mission! She's nervous about it, even with her mentor Cordlass helping. All she needs now is a little bit of faith in herself...

Spines - An Unfinished Story

(2020) Comic

A short comic that never got finished, following two friends as a strange phenomena threatens to keep them apart



(2022) Character Art Series

A character design series & mini world building project surrounding Sci-fi universe with chess-themed robots.

Average Art Store Trip

(2021) Storyboards

Jade & Prisma try to shop for art supplies, only to find out everything's out of stock. And it seems one person might be behind all of it.

The Big One

(2021) Storyboards

Jade rides a large rollercoaster. Despite being terrified of them, Iri joins her because she'd feel bad if her partner went alone.

The Frog Squad

(2022) Storyboards

An action sequence following two frog agents working to catch a nefarious toad.

Design Showcase


A collection of selected works done for my graphic design class, Fall 2022

Wip / TBA

Things that have yet to get it's own page and/or get released. I'll get around to it... eventually.

Fang and Iron

Worldbuilding Project, ongoing
(full content warnings TBA) Violence Monster Gore

A hundred years prior, rifts began to open up across the globe letting demons free to rampage across the planet. In 23XX, Humankind and the Androids they build for demon hunting are beginning to thrive, rebuild, and adapt to this new world.

This is still extremely new and will need a subsite!

Mini Comics Bin


A page for my mini-zines